If you feel confused and uneducated about your investments or simple would like a second opinion there are two ways to educate yourself and find out how Wheeler Financial can assist you.

We encourage every client and potential client to attend our “Separating Truths from Myths” event. In this event we go over simple steps to eliminate 1)Stock Picking, 2) Market Timing, 3) Track Record Investing.  We believe an educated investor is a confident investor. These events provide a fun way to learn how the market works and give investors a great way to make sure they are doing everything they can for their financial future. You don’t have to know everything about investing but you need to know the right things.

Click here to schedule a free consultation or call us at (314) 687-6096. In advance of our meeting we will provide you with a few materials to review that will help you better understand our approach to investing.