Coaching vs. Planning

How does a financial coach differ from a traditional financial planner?

Many investors have often heard me say the traditional financial planning model is broken. How is this possible when a traditional financial planner seems to be the logical choice when planning for your financial future? There are two main problems that plague investors.

First, the traditional planning model is a marketing tool used to sell financial products. The recommendations made are used to generate commissions, there is no way of knowing whether the recommendations are in your best interest of the interest of a planners commission. Investors also have little way of knowing whether the product could be obtained at a lower cost.

Second, the traditional planning model does little to educate investors and help them deal with the instincts and emotions that are the root of a poor investment experience.  Many investors do not know how markets work and how to achieve true peace of mind when investing. You do not have to know everything but it helps to know thee right things.

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